About Nakaguchi Lab.

Aiming to achieve the SDGs – solution of multiple issues
Practicing environmental learning and ESD (sustainable community development education) in kindergarten, elementary school, and high school in cities and rural areas, and events in shopping districts and neighborhood associations that utilize environmental resources and human resources = “lokal revitalization” activities. We contribute to the solution of social issues by planning and implementing the project in collaboration with local people.

For society
By carrying out environmental learning and events in collaboration with citizens, governments, companies, etc. in cities and rural areas, and clarifying the effects through questionnaire surveys and observation surveys, we can solve regional problems and create sustainable communities. I am contributing.

Example of research theme
● Planning and implementation of local revitalization activities and events, effect analysis and policy proposals
● Analysis of success factors of German and Japanese environmental and urban / transport local policies, and application to other regions
● Practice of SDGs education (environmental education and ESD) and measurement of its effects