Introducing Laboratories

Education and Research: Collaboration between Two Fields and Other Various Specialized Fields


We provide the laboratories for research of a wide range of specialized fields, mainly the fields of architecture and planning to develop interdisciplinary π-shaped skills. The professionals who have played an active role in diverse fields at universities, research institutions, companies and public organizations in Japan and overseas and have led various projects gather here.

  • Professor Hideyuki SAWADA
    Architectural Design and Information Systems Laboratory Professor

    Hideyuki SAWADA

    Designing Architecture to Connect People with Natural and Social Environments

    Field:Architectural Design/ Collaborative Design / Building Information Modeling/ Management
  • 松下 希和 教授
    Architectural Spatial Design Laboratory Professor


    Designing Various Scales of Spaces between Interiors and Cities

    Field:Architectural Planning/ Architectural Design / Sustainability
  • 石川 裕次 教授
    Architectural Structure System Laboratory Professor


    Investigating the Cutting-Edge Structural System That Becomes the Urban Infrastructure

    Field:Ultra-High Strength Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Structure / CFT (Concrete Filled Steel Tube) Structure / Pre-Cast Concrete System
  • 鈴木 俊治 教授
    Urban Environmental Design Laboratory Professor

    Shunji SUZUKI

    Research and Design for Rich Public Space and Public Life

    Field:Urban Design / Environmental Design / Community Design
  • 作山 康 教授
    Urban Planning Laboratory Professor

    Yasushi SAKUYAMA

    Multiple Studies to Realize Sustainable Communities and Cities

    Field:Planning / Land Use / Community Design
  • 中村 仁 教授
    Laboratory of Planning for Urban and Regional Resilience Professor

    Hitoshi NAKAMURA

    Planning and Designing Urban and Regional Resilience with Exuberant Diversity

    Field:Resilience / Planning / Community Design
  • 増田 幸宏 教授
    Environmental Infrastructure Laboratory Professor

    Yukihiro MASUDA

    Sustainable Science and Engineering towards Architecture and Cities of the Future

    Field:Building Environment and Equipment / Urban Environment and Equipment / Sustainability
  • 中口 毅博 教授
    Community Development and Local Regeneration Laboratory Professor

    Takahiro NAKAGUCHI

    “Local Regeneration”: Creating Lively Towns Utilizing Human and Environmental Resources

    Field:Human Resources Development / Planning / Community Design
  • 袖野 玲子 教授
    Environmental Policy Laboratory Professor

    Reiko SODENO

    Thinking Well-Being of Society from an Environmental View

    Field:Environmental Policy / Environmental System / Sustainable Development
  • 磐田 朋子 准教授
    Energy System Engineering Laboratory Associate Professor

    Tomoko IWATA

    Proposing Cities and Life Applying Renewable Energy

    Field:Renewable Energy / Saving Energy / Environmental Impact Assessment
  • 真保 晶子 教授
    Housing History/Design History Laboratory Professor

    Akiko SHIMBO

    Inheriting History and Thinking about the Future: The Past as the Source of Inspiration

    Field:Design History / Housing History
  • 小山 友介 教授
    Economic Systems Analysis Laboratory Professor

    Yusuke KOYAMA

    Analysis of Economy and Society: Collecting and Creating Data by Ourselves

    Field:Economics / Management
  • 市川 学 准教授
    Data Simulation Laboratory Associate Professor

    Manabu ICHIKAWA

    Doing Science of Cities and the Environment with Data and Simulation

    Field:Data / Simulation / Disaster Preparedness